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Could This PMS Symptom I Usually Have Also Be a Pregnancy Symptom?

Yes, the answer is yes. All of your PMS or PMDD symptoms are also early signs of pregnancy making the two-week wait extra special. If you’re wondering if you are pregnant, these early signs point to a big fat positive! They also point to the possibility that your period is coming but let’s forget about that for now.

Of course, the only way to truly know if you are pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test or a blood test at your doctor’s office weeks after you’ve driven yourself crazy reading articles like this one. This brings us to our first symptom. 

Mood Swings

Mood swings hit the trifecta of being a PMS, PMDD, and early pregnancy symptom. The hormone fluctuations that occur after an egg is fertilized are similar to the fluctuations you have on a monthly basis but only just noticed because you are constantly checking in with your body. Of course 

Of course, your mood swings could also be from the emotional memory of the last 12 months. Specifically, the knowledge that there is no amount of mental acrobatics you can do to shield yourself from inevitable disappointment when you most likely bleed in a couple of weeks.


You’re getting sleeeeeppppy….

Are you not just run of the mill tired, but utterly exhausted? Well, then you are pregnant. . . or possibly suffering from PMDD. Along with intense mood swings, extreme exhaustion is a symptom of both PMDD and early pregnancy.

In PMDD, hormonal fluctuations are once again the culprit. And guess what? Hormonal changes are also why you are sleepy in early pregnancy. Your body is producing extra progesterone and that can make you very sleepy.

So be on the lookout for fatigue if you want to know if you are pregnant, but also if you want to know if it’s just like every other month. You will get your energy back in your second trimester or when you get your period, whichever comes first.



If your clothes are fitting more snugly than usual, you might be pregnant. Your body retains water as a result of hormone fluctuations during PMS or pregnancy. This causes the dreaded abdominal bloat. Since you are looking for signs of pregnancy, this is a good sign. Sure you get bloated every month, but this time it’s different for some insanely specific reason. 

Or it could be all those mood swings and fatigue helped you justify eating a little more than usual and forgoing exercise. Just decide which one you want it to be more and maybe it will come true.

Sore Boobs

How sore are your boobs on a scale from 1-10? Has this happened to you before? Oh, it has? Ignore that for a second.

Sore breasts are a sure sign of pregnancy. Everyone who ever predicted that they were pregnant first knew when their breasts became really sore. Also, everyone who’s ever been devastatingly disappointed because they were not preggers when they knew they were, did so because their breasts were so sore and swollen. 

But this isn’t for those people, this is for you. If you have sore, swollen breasts, and ridiculously sensitive nipples like you always do but often fail to notice, then congratulations, you are with child! Unless you’re on your fist Clomid cycle. In that case, God Bless You.


Missed Period

This is not common knowledge, but your period can actually come a day or more later than you thought it would and not indicate pregnancy. But also, it could mean that you are pregnant, so there’s some hope!


Positive Pregnancy Test

This is not a PMS symptom, it is the only early pregnancy sign on this list that matters.



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