Asking for a Friend

How Not to Cry During Your Next Visit to the Fertility Doc

Don’t let your eyes well up with tears as you’re telling the doctor how long you’ve been trying to get pregnant. Even though you cried every month when you got your period (usually right after taking a home pregnancy test).

Don’t start sobbing when telling the doctor about your miscarriage. It is, after all, a sign that you can get pregnant.

Hold back those tears when the doctor tells you that your egg supply is very low for a woman your age. At least they are good quality since you’re so young (subjectively).

Hold it all in when the doctor tells you that the extremely uncomfortable test you had last week is not really conclusive and will have to be done again to really be sure. The blockage is still probably there, who knows? But now you know that you have at least one open fallopian tube.

Don’t start blubbering when this month’s ova will never make it to your uterus because the developing follicles are attached to your blocked tube. At least you won’t have multiples and all the risk that entails! Though maybe you would be okay with the certainty that comes with knocking two kids out at once.

Don’t become an inconsolable mess when your car stalls in the parking lot and you forgot your phone at home. . . you ask the receptionist to use the phone. . . and she doesn’t recognize you from 5 minutes before and does not let you use the phone.

Actually, you’ve been through enough. Maybe it’s time for a good cry. Oh, look at that, she’s letting you use the phone now.


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