Sexy and Subtle Ways to Let Him Know You’re DTF

  1. Look him in the eye as you talk about babies.
  2. Invite him to your next appointment with your reproductive endocrinologist.
  3. Sext him a picture of your panties. Add a detailed description about the color and texture of your cervical mucus.
  4. Ask him to sit in the corner to watch another man stick a wand up your vagina.
  5. Give him a prescription from your doctor telling him which days to DTD.
  6. Mark it on your shared google calendar. Make it so that the notification is the sound of children’s laughter.
  7. Sext a photo of your temperature chart. What could be more alluring than those jagged edges?
  8. With a flirty smile, tell him that you peed on a stick. The stick says it’s time to get down!

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