Asking for a Friend

My Husband’s Out of Town, Could I Be Pregnant?

We didn’t have timed intercourse this month, but could I be pregnant?

My belly is sticking out. I mean I did put on a lot of weight over the past couple of years but it never sticks out this much. It kinda looks like I’m pregnant.

I smelled that sponge from across the room. Yes, I know I always smell everything. But my sister was surprised and insinuated that I might be pregnant. I trust her instincts, so obviously this means I’m pregnant.

Look at that, I keep resting my hands on my stomach. It’s kind of instinctual. It must be because I’m pregnant.

My brother in law asked me if I was expecting. If even the men in my life are picking up on something, this is a sure sign that I am without a doubt pregnant.

I took a pregnancy test and got a BFN. I really shouldn’t have taken this test a day early and this is clearly a bum test. I must be pregnant.

There was some spotting the day after my period was due. What a wonderful sign! Obviously, this is implantation bleeding. There’s no way that I’m not pregnant.

This flow is getting heavy, must be another chemical pregnancy. Why do I get these every month?


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